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WELCOME TO F45 TRAINING - PERTH CBD 225 ST GEORGES TERRACE STUDIO Scroll to the Schedule below and click "Sign Up" to purchase your 2 WEEK TRIAL Membership. Why is F45 so popular? F45 is the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world. Most importantly, YOU GET RESULTS. Join us today on a 2 Week Trial Membership so you can see for yourself what makes F45 so popular. Did you know that there are 2 F45 Studios on St Georges Terrace? We have one at 105 and one at 225 SGT. A membership with us enables access to both studios, meaning more class times! When booking your classes, be mindful of which studio you book at so that you book at the correct studio. Why should you experience F45 Training?
  • F45 is for EVERYONE… Every F45 training session is variable or scalable to accommodate every level of ability to achieve an individually challenging training session for everyone.
  • F45 is exploding, with over 300 studios operating global across the USA, Europe and Asia.
  • F45 is the training home of some of the hottest athletes and celebs in the world – Adam Ashley Cooper, Nate Myles, Jarrad Hayne, Steven Hoiles, Mitch Chapman, Erin McGowan, Liesel Jones, Nicole Trufino, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Ritchie, Jake Friend, Mitchell Aubusson, Willie Tonga, Wade Graham, Adam Blair, Lauren Eagle.
  • F45 has 14 different styles of programs of which the workouts NEVER get repeated
  • You have all heard about HIIT training and Functional training and he great effects with only short training sessions. If you are a time poor professional, this is just the training you need to keep your fitness up to scratch. Come and be the judge yourself.
Book your F45 Classes with ease, DOWNLOAD THE DEDICATED F45 BOOKING APPLICATION, just click the relevant link below. Please remember to check the studio when booking classes. F45 Training iPhone F45 Training Android   If booking classes on the schedule below, please check the room column on the right to ensure that you are booking at the studio that you wish to attend.

Group Training timetable

Group Training timetable

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