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  • F45 is exploding globally. Launching in India, UK, Asia, New Zealand, and the US during 2015
  • F45 is for EVERYONE… F45 is FUN… F45 is suitable for ALL AGES…. F45 can be performed EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK
  • F45 has 10 different styles of programs of which the workouts NEVER get repeated
  • You have all heard about HIIT training and Functional training. Whether you have experienced it or not, F45 is the best of the best. Come and be the judge yourself.
  • F45 Rockingham is proudly brought to you by owners Brenda Chapman, Wayne Chapman and Vanessah Brown
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Group Training timetable

Group Training timetable

About Us

Brenda Chapman / Owner / Head Coach / The Smiling Assasin /
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Known as the “Smiling Assassin” and for her signature B-HIIT33 group training sessions Brenda’s innovation and love to combine interval training, body weight and functional exercises is what inspired her to team up with her husband and open an F45 training studio in WA. With a 10 year growing career in the fitness industry Brenda’s experience expands in both the corporate and holistic areas of health, fitness and nutrition. Going through all stages of exercise and training obsession ignited her passion for the fitness industry and it’s been an ever expanding experience and journey since then! She now works with clients to help break bad health habits to create long term permanent change. As a qualified personal trainer, wellness coach and the creator of “Brenda Bray The Food and Fitness Innovator” an F45 training studio was the perfect partner to integrate and offer the best training and knowledge available for those who want it! “For me F45 is a breath of fresh air as it’s made its way back to the industry as the preferred option for all fitness levels to build strong, healthy bodies and solid exercise foundations. Whether you want to feel physically stronger, move well or your body is ready for the next athletic transformation challenge then F45 is for you!  I’m excited to be partnering with F45 and welcoming the new family in Rockingham studio” – Brenda Chapman

Wayne "Chappy" Chapman Director/ Team Coach /
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At the age of 5 Wayne took his first step onto the basketball court and the passion for the game soon followed! After many years of training, committing to himself and his team resulted in winning 1 of 4 national championships at the age of 16. “The biggest lessons I learnt was how to be involved in a successful team, creating that winning culture with a shared vision and supportive community”. Wayne Chapman After a serious knee injury, during recovery and rehabilitation Wayne’s fitness, strength and performance took flight while working with a sporting professional coach and learnt quickly that having the right guidance would help him reach his goal of playing basketball again. His passion grew for fitness and realised that the keys to success in his sporting career can be applied to all areas of your life. Breaking through his own personal boundaries birthed the desire to help others become the best version of themselves. So in early 2014 became a qualified life coach, and integrated the love of sport, nutrition and life coaching to help others succeed “F45 for me is like being part of that team again! Bringing everyone together with the similar health + fitness goals, with the right coaches and support from F45 to build a community of encouragement and watch others grow into their full potential” Says Chappy

Ness Profile Pic

Vanessah "Ness" Brown Director / Team Coach /
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Ness is highly driven, motivated and brings a comprehensive background in strength & technique to our team. Vanessah discovered her passion for fitness during her military career which began in 1987.  Since leaving the military, Vanessah has realised this passion through becoming a CrossFit Coach and completing studies and training with The Australian Institute of Personal Training, The Australian Institute of Kettlebells and Weightlifting Western Australia. Vanessah is highly motivated and is continuously updating and expanding her qualifications, knowledge and skills in fitness, nutrition, health and wellbeing.

Brooke Sangalli profile pic

Brooke Sangalli / Team Coach / Technique Queen

Brooke has always had a passion for physical activities, participating in team sports and development squads all throughout school. Her Love for Health and Fitness continued to grow and remained the most important priority in her life which lead her to complete her Cert IV in fitness. As a qualified trainer Brooke has experienced various roles in the fitness industry and is passionately expanding her knowledge, and currently studying Bachelor of Health and physical Education at Notre Dame University. Brookes focus is to help people create total well-being in all aspects of their lives from mental, physical and emotional health, the effects of social networking and to prevent or halt the progression of chronic disease through physical activity.  “It’s more about creating a lifestyle for her clients – not a phase.” Brooke said After participating in the training sessions at F45 Rockingham Brooke instantly loved the new style and found herself having a conversation around how she can become part of the coaching team. “The variations in this functional training keeps every session unique, challenging and rewarding. The atmosphere at F45 Rockingham is motivating and inspiring. I just instantly wanted to be and feel part of the team environment!” Said Brooke Now as a team Coach, Brooke is looking forward to sharing her enjoyment and personal experience of the sessions with all participants

Bio Pic – Jamie Gardiner for website

Jamie Gardiner / Team Coach / In-house Comedian

A comedian at heart Jamie’s health + fitness apprenticeship started with a teenage dream of becoming a personal trainer. At the age of 18 he became a successful applicant in securing a trainee ship in cert III & IV in Health + Fitness through AFL Sports Ready. Gaining most of his experience at his local gym from recognized professionals and now lifelong friends in the industry, Jamie was coached and mentored in the most effective ways to train and help clients reach their lifestyle goals. During his 9 years as a personal trainer he has collected experience and qualifications in Strength + Conditioning Coaching, Bootcamp Co-ordinator, Kimax Instructor, Power Instructor, Freestyle Spin Instructor,  Freestyle Boxing/Cardio instructor, Group + 1 on 1 Personal training. Jamie’s repertoire of experience and knowledge is desirable but still expanding as he set himself another goal to become a Health + Physical Education Teacher and has been studying his degree for just over 3 years! “Health + fitness is a passion of mine and a natural way of life. I love to have fun and a laugh with my clients as it makes their training environment more of a positive experience. I’m all for diversity and encourage everyone to just take the first step or develop their current fitness levels further. I am very fond of the F45 session style and enjoy already coaching my clients this way, what better way to improve myself as a trainer then to join this new, fun and energetic style of training. I look forward to working with you all!” Jamie Gardiner

Talina Profile Bio pic – website

Talina Vernede / Team Coach / Fitness Enthusiast

Growing up in a surrounding environment where an unhealthy diet was part of Talinas day to day life. An active lifestyle was non-existent and endless family history of depression and weight related health issues was just to be expected. As she became a young women the realization of her own health and well-being wasn’t something that just ran in the family but was a contribution of lifestyle choices and actions that each person makes. She has been given a chance to encourage not only her family but so many others to make better choices in life which gives her no greater feeling. Reaching many of her own personal and fitness goals over the years she developed an unspeakable drive and passion to help as many people as she can, not only to do the same but to believe that the impossible is always possible! “The first day I walked I ever walked into the F45 Training Rockingham studio I was instantly made to feel welcome and I never wanted to leave again! The way the F45 team came together to encourage and push each other and everyone around them through each training session is just incredible. The feeling of coming into the studio and being able to do what you truly love for a living makes you question what the word “work” really means!” – Talina said

Chris Andrews – Bio Pic (2)

Chris Andrews / Team Coach / Weightloss Ambassador

Growing up, Chris was forever battling his weight and as a result his self-esteem became closely associated to his fluctuating weight. As a young man Chris’s youth and active Navy career would often mask the underlying issue of bad nutrition and lifestyle choices. As he got older and less active in his career, the true nature of the problem emerged with him being medically classified as Obese in November 2013.  The usual problems came with it, like chronic back pain, difficulty breathing and depression and it was only after this wake up call, Chris started to put an action plan together to improve his health and become a role model for his 2 young children. This led Chris to F45 in 2015 and after a short period, he was addicted, training became his religion, however negative talk within himself continued hold him back in achieving his weight loss goals, until he participated in a F45 Challenge and won the male category losing 6.8kgs.  It was after this, he realised he wanted to help others achieve what he had and he completed his Certificate 4 in Fitness through Australian Institute of Fitness in 2016 with additional training in Nutrition. Chris’s passion for F45 continued throughout with him gaining industry experience via work experience as a trainer with F45 Rockingham.  Chris has since made the decision that the time has come to leave the Navy and focus on his young family and furthering his knowledge in the fitness industry. “I know what it is to be in a constant battle with my weight and difficulties associated with being obese and I want to be able to help clients not only overcome the physical difficulties of weight loss but share the techniques I used to overcome the mental blocks that are preventing them achieving their weight loss goals”

Lou Mitch Bio Pic

Lou Mitchell / Team Coach / Motivator

Lou Mitch is a big believer in F45 motto “Team training-Life Changing.” After completing her Degree in Sports Studies BA (Hons) at DeMontfort University in the UK, Lou decided to go travelling and where she fell into hospitality for nine years.

In March last year, she was referred by a friend to try F45; immediately this reignited her passion for fitness! With a vast background in competing in and coaching various sports such as Hockey, Soccer, swimming and trampolining – her new found love for the F45 systems and culture and team training encouraged her to share her experiences with others and is proud to say she is a part of a team she now calls “family”. Completing and following The F45 Training 8 Week Challenging with amazing results in body fat loss and increased muscle tone; Lou decided to gain her Certificate 3 in Fitness.

She trains like a beast, smashes targets and is always looking for new challenges. Her tenacious and passionate coaching style will challenge, motivate and encourage you every step of the way. Lou’s infectious positive energy during the classes will have you leaving with that ‘euphoric’ after workout feeling. She thrives on helping people achieve theirs objectives and welcomes you to the F45 family.

Eric Lyon Profile pic

Eric Lyon / Team Coach / Wise Teacher

Eric loved Phys Ed during primary school and played sport at every break in the school day. He later joined a gymnastic and trampoline squad where he displayed great form and ability and became a competitor, coach and Judge in the UK.  As Eric left the UK he felt proud to discover that one of his squad members who applied and entered the British team will now be competing in the up and coming Rio Olympics Games!

By the time Eric reached Australia he was a High Performance coach and Judge and continued to teach Australian coaches to increase their level of qualifications.  This enabled him to travel the country competing and experiencing both national and international competitions, until retirement though injury in 2006.

Fitness and sport  has always been a large part of Eric’s life as and athlete and coach. Being part of this bigger picture to improve overall health now drives Eric to be a better role model and inspiration to all.

Recently completing his certification in Fitness he now joins the F45 family of Team Coaches to continue to see the best in people as they work together towards their goals, sharing in the celebrations along the way!

“F45 is the inside answer to HIIT bootcamps.  It is never the same from day to day and the programs offered in the World Series are exciting and energetic to both coach and participate.  The F45 family is growing and I’m proud to be a part of it” – Eric Lyon

Favorite Quote: “Never regret anything, because at one time it was exactly what you wanted” -  En entendra ma voix (We shall hear my voice)

Shane T – Profile pic

Mr Shane T / Team Coach / Charismatic Leader

Health and Wellness can mean a variety of many different things for people and for Shane, its about living a Life of abundance both physically and mentally. Choosing to live and see the positive in all situations. Now as a qualified personal trainer, today and moving forward Shane continues to expand his knowledge in nutrition, strength and conditioning, posture and functionality, just to name a few. He has an absolute Love, Desire and Passion for the industry and wishes to empower others to choose and live a life of Health and Wellness.

Shane’s sporting and team involvement started at a young age and was fortunate enough to have been brought up as a rugby player. Along side Rugby he participated  in many other sports which found him developing a love for an active lifestyle early on in life.

Speaking from experience and like many others Shane has had set backs on his health journey, life challenges and choices that have helped him develop the courage and strength to keep going “I believe everyone’s deserves to live an abundant life”. Shane said

When Shane found F45 he Literally thought the community were the most loving, kind, friendly and passionate bunch of people he had ever met and wanted to become part of the team. Now, as the newest member of the Rockingham Crew Shane looks forward to training with you all and becoming superstars! “There’s a saying that when you do what you love you’ll never ever have to work another day in your life…….and that’s why I love F45″. Said Shane

Favorite Quote:  “Wake up with determination, Go to bed with satisfaction”.

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