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Effortless motivation, high intensity workouts designed to improve mobility, cardiovascular fitness and strength using functional movement patterns.  Finally, F45 makes it to Scarborough beach and we want to show why our training programs can transform your life.

Following the explosive growth on the east coast, F45 is quickly making its mark in Perth and set to become an integral part of fitness in West Australia.  The brand is building a strong international presence with gyms operating in India, The UK, New Zealand and the USA.

Some of the hottest athletes and celebs in the world - Adam Ashley Cooper, Nate Myles, Jarrad Hayne, Steven Hoiles, Mitch Chapman, Erin McGowan, Liesel Jones, Nicole Trufino, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Ritchie, Jake Friend, Mitchell Aubusson, Willie Tonga, Todd Carney, Wade Graham, Adam Blair, Lauren Eagle - have made F45 their training of choice.  Now its time to find out why. F45 is for EVERYONE... F45 is FUN... F45 is suitable for ALL AGES.... F45 can be performed EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Come and work out like the stars at F45 Training Scarborough.



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Group Training timetable

Group Training timetable

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Tom Denton / [email protected]

The last 40 years have seen amazing developments in medical science coupled with unprecedented rates of obesity and diseases of modern society.  A holistic approach to wellness is emerging as the best pharmaceutical for living a long, happy, healthy and productive life.  While there are many pillars of a healthful mind and body, exercise stands out as a critical element in modern society, particularly for the broken desk jockies that fill our Citys offices.

F45 combines, community, sensible programming with elements of strength training and conditioning into an easily digestible format.   So going to the gym changes from a chore to a pleasure.  The work outs produce results through thoughtful combinations of functional movement patterns easy enough for anyone to do.  However, scaleable to challenge anyone from injury prone desk workers right through to the most elite athlete.

I firmly believe F45 to be a fantastic training method and I’m looking forward to leading our members into a better life so we can all surf when we are 100 years old.




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