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The success of Australian Ninja Warrior earlier this year has reignited this national passion, with channel Nine’s ratings for the obstacle course program leaving all competitors in the dust. And it has intrigued me to find out exactly what is needed to take on this kind of challenge.

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Channel 7 covers the Gold Coast Playoffs

Channel 7 Talks to some of the competitors at the F45 Playoffs.

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Sarah Lingard from Channel 7 attempts the F45 Playoffs

Sarah Lingard reports on the F45 Playoffs in Coolangatta QLD and attempts the challenge.

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Channel 7 talks to Ash Harris about F45 Playoffs in QLD

Ash Harris the defending F45 Playoffs champion talks about the playoffs event held in Coolangatta QLD

Industry insight: F45 Training

It’s certainly becoming a crowded space for London’s studio offerings. We spoke to Rob Deutsch, the founder of Australian fitness brand, F45 Training, on trainer education and how they are embracing technology in the future.


Working out regularly and consistently is very important to me.
I’ve written about it before, but exercising for me is what I use to manage my mental health issues, keep my anxiety at bay, and maintain a happy and healthy frame of mind. Anything extra that comes from exercising is just a bonus for me.

Ken Edwards has shed 13kg after eight weeks of clean eating and exercise

AFTER two months of clean eating and vigorous training, Port Macquarie man Ken Edwards has revealed his transformed image. He signed up to the F45 Port Macquarie eight week challenge and stuck to his guns, training every day and eating no processed foods. The results are astonishing.

The Workout Program Behind These Impressive Before And After Pictures

With their logo on almost every street corner these days – F45 training has taken Australia by storm. And with results like these, it’s easy to see why.

Australian Survivors: At Their Fittest After 40 – Here’s How They Did It!

Think you could enter Survivor? You’ll want to make a few changes to your exercise routine once you read how these contestants prepared. Here, they share how their health and fitness helped them survive the jungle and who they think will win.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It took me a long time to be content with my looks’: Renée Bargh talks candidly of body image and reveals the secrets to her enviable figure after being announced as Extra TV’s newest co-host

She’s recently been announced as Extra TV’s newest co-host alongside Mario Lopez, with a regular segment on beauty, fitness and fashion.
And in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday to discuss the new role, Renée Bargh revealed the secrets to her enviable figure.

Epic new gym reveals Mackay opening date

THE OWNER of new fitness club F45 Training, opening up on Wood St, has announced a date for its grand opening and it’s sooner than you think.

‘Sixty people asked if I was pregnant’: Make up blogger, 22, who was taunted online about her weight gain after she got married hits back saying ‘some days I actually love my big bum’

An Australian make up artist and beauty blogger from Melbourne took a year to recover from fat shaming comments that she received online.

The secret to a healthier body is surprisingly simple

From the rise of new fitness trends (F45 anyone?) to the increase in popularity of green juices and protein powders, there has certainly been an increased focus on improving our health and wellbeing.

What locals love about the Gold Coast

WE live here and we love it. This week we ask Naomi Hammond, Emily Jade O’Keeffe and Wendy Kingston why they love the Gold Coast and the Glitter Strip we call home #wearegoldcoast

‘Gooo Miller’: Lauren Brant films partner Barry Hall giving their 12-week-old son a ride on a gym exercise bike

Baby Miller is growing up fast.
Twelve weeks after former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant, 28, and Barry Hall, 40, welcomed their son, the adorable bub is already hitting the gym.


Be blown away by this innovative, cost effective and incredibly systemised training facility. The workouts are nothing short of insane… 10 completely different systems, changing every single day. At F45, you will never do the same workout twice.

Why You Should Never Eat While Stressed

The relationship we have with our food affects the way we digest, metabolise and absorb nutrients and also how much fat we store.
In fact, how you think about food while eating can be almost as important as what you eat, according to psychologist and nutritional health coach Jayta Szpitalak.

Natural beauty! Neighbours actress Olympia Valance gets close to nature and flaunts her pert derrière in a skimpy burgundy bikini

She’s clearly enjoys parading her fit physique in little bikinis after shedding an impressive 20 kilograms thanks to F45 training.
And Olympia Valance has taken to Instagram to flaunt her killer curves.

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